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Welcome! I don't know about you guys, but I plan on having a good time. It's a lot of work putting together each episode, but photography has been in my life — work and play — since I was a strapping sapling simpleton. And that's saying something (especially if you try to say it through thrice).

Connect or comment, please. Each episode will have a conversation, and I'll be glad to strike one up with you, too!

- Mark

Feb 24, 2018

What, do you do, with a BA in English? Quick! Name that musical!

The answer, unsurprisingly, has nothing to do with episode twenty-two of yours' truly, it's just that I've got that line stuck in my head and I figure if I write it down, it'll spill out of said head and I can think about other things. (Like, maybe,...

Feb 16, 2018


The show is finally to the point where it doesn't have to ask its, um, cousin to buy the Boone's Farm wine — we can do that ourselves now, thank you very much. And as soon as we snag a few dollars from mom's purse we are definitely cruising for some BooFar (that's Boone's Farm to us vino cognoscenti). And Ritz...

Feb 9, 2018

It's two kisses and no hugs for us today, but that's just the way the cookie deconstructs — Latin-style.

Partially Clarifying

What we learn today, though, is all about lenses, except not everything but lots but not all and then some more but we leave out a bunch. I'm pretty sure that no matter what it is about lenses...

Feb 2, 2018

Episode 19, which is this one, should not be confused with either Episode 18 or with Dvorak's "New World" symphony, even though the former has many words in common with this one (why, even the word "episode" is shared right off the bat!) and the latter also has some probably very fine musical notes, but Episode 19...