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Welcome! I don't know about you guys, but I plan on having a good time. It's a lot of work putting together each episode, but photography has been in my life — work and play — since I was a strapping sapling simpleton. And that's saying something (especially if you try to say it through thrice).

Connect or comment, please. Each episode will have a conversation, and I'll be glad to strike one up with you, too!

- Mark

Apr 16, 2018

Now you've said your ABCs, next time you'll count 123s.

As is my norm, the reason for that opening statement is not completely clear, even to me. The poetry just flows from my fingertips and into the computer and you, patient listener-slash-student-in-detention-forced-to-listen-to-this-podcast are the...

Apr 4, 2018

We're at the magical tenth-of-a-quarter-of-a-thousandth episode, yet it doesn't feel like an episode over 24. Such is the magic of the internet and cold-brewed coffee made at homeā€¦

Speaking not-at-all about home or coffee, I've ground up an amalgam of color temperature and white balance topics, so let's brew things...