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Welcome! I don't know about you guys, but I plan on having a good time. It's a lot of work putting together each episode, but photography has been in my life — work and play — since I was a strapping sapling simpleton. And that's saying something (especially if you try to say it through thrice).

Connect or comment, please. Each episode will have a conversation, and I'll be glad to strike one up with you, too!

- Mark

Sep 11, 2017

In episode one I review "Digital Photography Basics" by Rick Burress, converse with professional photographer Leanna McDonald, share a quote from Eudora Welty, and suggest blurring your photos intentionally.

That's the short version…

Leanna and I went to high school together (Go Hawks!) where she was editor of the yearbook and I was a photographer on staff. (I also designed the cover — seen here. Just sayin'…)

yearbook cover

Leanna went on to have, and still has, a thriving photography business photographing families and weddings and, a source of some notoriety, boudoir portraits. Our conversation covers all of that and more. Learn more about her and see some of her work at

Leanna torch moonlight

This photo of Leanna, by Adam Nollmeyer, is what she termed "street legal," boudoir-photo-wise.

Basically the Basics

I also review a book, "Digital Photography Basics," by Rick Burress and available through Arizona Highways.

Burress book cover

It's jam-packed with helpful information, well presented, that makes it well worth its price. (Spoiler alert: I like it.)

Quote-worthy Welty

Eudora Welty was a Pulitzer-Prize-winning author who, before she became known for her writing, had a one-woman photography exhibition and eventually published several books of her "snapshots," as she called some of the images. In other words, the quote of hers that I share is not from a nooby or nobody.

Solidly Blurry

Finally, you can try blurring your own photography, on purpose, while you're shooting, with whatever camera you have on hand. Some of the results are worth keeping, and digits are free so shoot away!

Here's a shot from the passenger seat as my older brother speeds through Atlanta. It's not as scary as it might look (though, I'm not saying my brother isn't scary when he drives…) That's 13 seconds of my life flashing by right there.


And here's my wife's dog, Cowboy, wondering why I'm steering my iPhone like my older brother weaving through traffic.

(Not) The End

There's a lot of episode here, so I'll quit typing and you can start listening. And thanks for listening!

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— Mark